You have found a box filled with old postage stamps in your attic. You are not so sure how to identify old postage stamps but you have a gut feeling that you have found your grandfather's old stamp collection that dates back to the 19th century.

When does the cost of old stamps increase? Postage stamps have their own corresponding values. Old postage stamps, especially the rare stampsare worth more than the newer stamps. The value of old postage stamps depends on the availability of similar stamp specimens. This means that the rarer your old postage stamp is, the more valuable it will be. There are many ways to determine the price of postage stamps.

There are many stamp dealers who do professional stamp appraisal services. Be wary of fake stamp dealers or those who might trick you into an unfair bargain. The following steps will help you determine your old stamps worth. Identify the old postage stamp. Look up your old stamps in a stamp catalogue.

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The Scott Specialized stamp catalog is widely read by American philatelists while the Stanley Gibbons catalogue is used in Great Britain. There you will find photographs and postage stamp prices sorted by the date of stamp issue. You can also refer to an old stamp price guide that is usually sold at philatelic shops. Determine the centering. Centering is the first step in determining the stamp grade.

Centering is a factor that determines the stamp grade. Study the condition or grade. The stamp condition or grade is one of the most important factors in determining the value of your old stamp. As mentioned earlier, the stamp grade refers to the how the stamp design was centered inside the stamp margin.

Postage stamps are graded as extremely fine, very fine, fine, good, average, fair, and below average. Meanwhile, stamp condition is the general appearance of the stamp.In the leading auction houses conducted a great number of outstanding sales, providing collectors with an opportunity to acquire real philatelic gems. Some lots that were auctioned during the previous year rarely pop up on the market that is why their appearance ignited a philatelic furor.

To find the value of your stamp please enter a brief description such as the scene or the words represented on your stamp, denomination and color use only simple colors of your stamp.

Find Your Stamp's Value

If you prefer to get more results with less accuracy please use less words to describe the stamp — sometimes it could be better way to find what you need. To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria.

For instance, instead of flag 34c searching for flag 34c USA united we stand will help you to find the desirable stamp quicker. Try to cut your stamp as smooth as possible and then push Submit button. We use cookies to personalize our content and to improve your user experience.

You consent to our cookies if you continue using our website. For more information please see our Cookie Policy. Upload your stamp's photo. Or browse advanced stamp catalogue. Espana franqueo impresos 5 green correos cinco mils de escudo. Kansas territorial centennial 3c brown u. Champion of liberty 8c Jose de San Martin hero of the andes.

Lucky Stamps' Finders. Top 15 philatelic sales of the year In the leading auction houses conducted a great number of outstanding sales, providing collectors with an opportunity to acquire real philatelic gems.

Helpful Terms. How to search stamps. To make more close match please add more details of your stamp in request. Let's say you have a stamp like this: To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. Low focused request:. Step 1. Make a right photo of your stamp. Shoot the stamp strictly vertical.

The photo should be in focus. Do not use flash and avoid bright light spots. Do not shoot multiple different stamps at once.

Step 2. Upload the stamp photo. Do not show this tip again. Crop your image.Stamp Catalogue is a free online stamp catalogue for stamp collecting stamp values and online stamp price guide. Here you can find information on stamps, old postage stamps, collectors stamps, commemorative stamps, the value of old postage stampswhat are stamps worth, free stamp values for rare stamps and philately.

The price of stamps continues to go up with the latest US stamps price postal rate increase for first class mail becoming effective January 22, Purchasing Forever Stamps can help consumers deal with the stamps price hikebecause Forever Stamps will always maintain the stamps value of the first-class letter postage rate no matter when they are purchased and even when the price of stamps increases, as the chronology of United States postage stamp prices clearly demonstrates.

Stamp catalogue

The Price of Stamps is Going Up. The price of stamps going up by one cent is effective January 22, The Postal Regulatory Commission initially denied the petition and as this is a matter of regulatory compliance lawfurther stamp price increases and the issue of when does the price of postage stamps go up will be settled by the court.

Stamp collecting can be a absorbing and rewarding pastime. While spending many wonderful moments with this facinating hobby, you become familiar with the culture of many lands, their arts, traditions and folklore. You man also find yourself devling into various topics such as: politics, history, biography, zoology, architecture, painting, botany and geography.

While this hobby may be popular with the well-to-do, a large stamp collection can be built with minimal resources. There can be just as much enjoyment out of the lower-grade stamps as from the rarest of the rare. Some supplies may be useful for the proper care of your stamps.

Stamp Tongs - Tongs or tweezers are an important instrument in the proper handling of your stamps. They enable the stamps to be handled without coming into contact with dirty or greasy fingers.

Magnifying Glass - Useful for reading and identifying various types and marks on a stamp. Stock Books and Binders - The sheets of a stock book have rows of transparent plastic pockets which stamps can be placed into. This allows the collector to preserve the the stamps without the use of hinges or other adhesives.

stamps value catalog

Many stamp collectors start out with an illustrated stamp album. These albums are normally organized by country. Each page contains pictures of stamps corresponding to that denomination. To place a stamp into your album, simply look for the design that matches your stamp. The more advanced the stamp album is, the more complete it will be. It is usually recommended to start with the most complete album you can afford. If there is no particular place for a stamp, you can use whatever empty slots are available.

stamps value catalog

This space problem can be overcome by purchasing a loose-leaf edition of a stamp album. In this way, you can add extra sheets as needed. Stamps should never be glued down into your album. Although there is some controversy regarding the use of stamp hinges, for used stamps, hinges are an economical way of mounting your stamps. You should never apply glue, tape or adhesive to a stamp. Good hinges are available from stamp dealers or stamp supply companies.

The adhesive on the hinge should allow for the hinge to be easily removed, thus avoiding damaging or taking off part of the stamp.The postage stamp values expressed in most catalogs are a reference value onlyin that they do not indicate what you will actually have to pay for the stamp or what you would get for it, if you sold it. As a result, dealers pay a percentage of their "retail" price of the stamp, to allow them to make a profit, thus the actual price you could sell the stamp to a retailer for would be a percentage of the retail value, not the catalog value.

Another thing to think about when evaluating a collection that you want to sell. This is intended as a guideline for dealers to sell cheap stamps by, in order to cover their handling time and shipping expenses. As far as their wholesale values, they would have minimal, if any, value. Many times, someone "inherits" a collection, looks up all the stamps in a catalog, and then determines that is what they can sell it for.

This is not true. Many of these "inherited" collections from the 's to the 's contain common material. When these collections were originally assembled, whether by your parents or someone else, as a child, they probably had a marginal interest in collecting, did not have large sums of funds to spend on their collections, and probably got many of their stamps via penny approvals or packets of stamps.

Unfortunately, these types of stamps are as common today, as they were 90 years ago. Dealers have a difficult time selling this type of "modern" material. That is, U. The availability of such material is HUGE and there is not enough market demand to sustain sales of the material. Republic Austria - 2nd. Germany - A.Use these groupings by year to find stamps as issued in mostly chronological order.

Occasionally, stamps are grouped by theme or set when it makes sense to do so. And sometimes a set has to crossover between two lists.

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stamps value catalog

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Stamp Catalogue

Healing PTSD. Holiday Wreaths. Spooky Silhouettes. Purple Heart Medal Winter Berries. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Military Working Dogs. George H. Forever cents Under cents Only two family members are working in the office. Two other family members are working from their home. We are taking special sanitary precautions at work and home, and are not allowing "outsiders" into our office or home.

While it may take us longer than usual to respond and to send out orders, we are still serving our clients. We appreciate and especially need your support in this difficult time as we try to continue keeping all our staff employed. Selected better values and stamps in particularly attractive condition. NH, Mint, and Used at great prices. Last updated on: 10 April TIP: The countries are listed by geographical region and also usually by philatelic areas such as colonial groups under the main country.

stamps value catalog

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